“The City Council of Grinnell, Iowa, has voted to end its curbside recycling program in April of 2019. Please join us in petitioning the city council to reconsider its decision to end curbside recycling.“

Ryan Ferguson, Grinnell Resident


Petition Statement:

As a resident of Grinnell, Iowa, I am concerned that by ending curbside recycling the city will make it increasingly difficult for folks in our town to take part in regular recycling. I do not think that having drop off recycling only is adequate for residents or the best decision for the city. I want curbside recycling service to continue.  I request that Mayor Agnew and members of the Grinnell City Council approve a sanitation fee that includes continued curbside recycling as part of the city’s utility bill to each household. In turn, I understand that by reducing my own household's trash and recycling output, I can help the city continue to make curbside trash and recycling services feasible.  Thank you to Mayor Agnew and Council Members Bly, Burnell, Hansen, Hueftle-Worley, White, and Wray for reading and considering our petition. We appreciate your service to our wonderful community!

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